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Electric Pedal-assisted Cargo Tricycle


This is a prototype almost ready for production. The data on the video came from the exact results of road testing. Thanks to an energy-saving driving system, the solar panel not just works as an assistant recharging device but also can activate the vehicle into motion simultaneously. Thus the range can be extended largely. We are taking one more step to build a true and practical solar powered vehicle.



Following the concept of compact design in mini bikes, we have continuously developed a series of upgraded mini bikes. Having an excellent power system successfully created for the mini bike makes it even more convenient and useful to ride through both suburbs and cities. Now, there are non-electric mini bike and electric mini bikes, and the electric can be with pedal or without pedal. Though they are small, people can totally enjoy biking around on nearby paths, shopping or cruising everywhere by riding one of them according to individual need.

The advantages of riding bicycles have been well known, however, cycling doesn't have to be long and tough. Some more Mini cycling products are still in development. We hope that more people can experience the benefits of riding Mini bikes and live a happy and healthy life.

DIBAR was established as a leading manufacturer of Bicycle Carriers in Taiwan since 1990. Over the past 20 more years we constantly devoted ourselves to researching and developing new cycling products for different purposes. In addition to carriers, a series of sophisticated Mini Bikes, Folding Bikes, Classical Road and Tricycles were announced one by one and branded ''LAITIS''.



DIBAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 帝霸興業股份有限公司 Phone:886-5-2334011 Fax:886-5-2334060 Address:37 TAI RUE 1 ST., CHIAYI 60085, TAIWAN 嘉義市泰瑞一街37號